The Myth of Independence

By Jeff Spadafora, Halftime Director of Coaching and Product Development

U.S. President Herbert Hoover created a romantic notion of the American ethic when he coined the phrase “Rugged Individualism.”  In the business world (both in the U.S. and Internationally) there’s a similar value – “the boot-strapping, self-made millionaire” – that permeates the businessperson’s psyche.

Many successful people attribute their success to attitudes such as independence, self-reliance, courage, hustle, and aggressiveness. While this may have been their mindset, I have found with further questioning, for most Halftimers, this was not their practice. The men and women I encounter have been, almost to a person, intentional about relying on the input and expertise of friends, consultants, business partners, and family members to grow their businesses.

And yet, the number of people who aspire to discover and embrace God’s calling for their second half, and attempt to do it on their own, is astounding.  Besides being unbiblical (the Bible is ripe with life lessons based on relationship, discipleship, and seeking counsel), the “Cowboy” approach to Halftime is impractical.  Peter Drucker said the baby boomer generation is “Over-prepared for Life I, unprepared for Life II, and there is no university for the second half of life.”

You see, the Halftime Journey is not simply a redistribution of one’s time, talent and treasure to a more noble cause.  It a transformation of our hearts, our identities, our “life scorecards.” For many, this is uncharted territory fraught with challenges that can drain your energy, time, relationships and finances if you don’t have a roadmap.

At the risk of putting the Holy Spirit into a formula (after all, this is a faith adventure between you and God) the Halftime organization has built a roadmap with a set of tools and best practices to help people like you discover your life purpose and pursue it in a balanced and joyful way. This roadmap and toolbox are available to you when you engage a Halftime coach.

Our coaches have 3 unique characteristics. 

1. They are all Halftimers who have personally made the transition from success to significance.

2. Of all the ministry opportunities available in God’s kingdom, our coaches are convinced that their purpose is to help others discover their purpose.

3. They are all trained and certified in the unique Halftime Coaching process.

If you are serious about making eye contact with God to start building more joy, kingdom impact and balance into your second half, I encourage you to engage a Halftime coach in your journey. For some, this is uncomfortable because they’ve never used a coach or they are afraid it may appear “weak.” But, as a mentor once said to me, “Jeff, it’s better to appear foolish than to be foolish.” ;-)

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Jeff Spadafora spent 19 years consulting with Fortune 1000 companies helping them improve their management and leadership capabilities.  During those years, a desire for more meaning and purpose in his life was building. In 2005, he read Halftime, went to the Halftime Institute and worked with a Halftime coach.  Eventually it was clear that his calling is to help people discover their calling. Jeff is now the Director of Coaching and Product Development.  He focuses on coaching individuals in Halftime and training others to be Halftime coaches and leaders of the Halftime Roundtable process in their communities.

The Value of Coaching

Watch the video below to hear why Dick thinks there is great value in finding and utilizing the right coach in your life:

Dick Gygi is the Managing Partner of Magi Management Co.,LLC and co-founder of ThriftSmart, one of America’s most innovative new social enterprises. Dick has held numerous senior management positions in consumer products companies. After leading CPS Corporation as President for 13 years, Dick led the sale of the company to American Greetings before becoming President of PlusMark Corporation, a $250 million subsidiary and worldwide leader of seasonal gift wrap.

Dick is the founder of The Locker Room, an affiliate of the Halftime organization. The goal of The Locker Room is to unleash the latent energy of marketplace leaders in Middle Tennessee, guiding them to an understanding and an action plan to embrace what it is that God has called them to do. He has received Halftime Coaching from Bob Buford & Jeff Spadafora and has been trained as a Halftime Coach himself. Dick and his wife of 43 years have three married children a son and five grandchildren. Dick has a BA from Taylor University and an MBA from Indiana University.

October 4-5, 2010
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Halftime Director of Consulting: Position Purpose: Oversee the development and relational aspect of our participants through the various channels of the Halftime process. Affiliates, marketing partners and individuals. Click here for a full job description and more information.

Marketing Volunteer: Halftime is looking for volunteers to help with Marketing.

CEO – Global Clean Water Ministry – Fulltime, paid position located in Golden, Colorado

EVP of Development -  Global Clean Water Ministry – Full time, paid position located in Golden, Colorado

Time Talent and Treasure Director for Global Microfinance Ministry -  Volunteer, part time position to more deeply engage donors and volunteers in the ministry. This director can be located anywhere in US

VP of Development, Finance and HR for a ministry that supports disadvantaged youth in the greater New York City Region ministry for – Full time, paid position located in New York City

CEO for a ministry focused on helping those with leprosy.  Paid, full time, located in South Carolina.

Chief Development Officer for an international missions leadership training ministry.  Full time.  Paid. Based in Atlanta Georgia

CFO for large (2000 employees), multi-faceted Christian ministry with divisions focused on broadcasting, seniors housing, Christian elementary schools, veterinary missions, summer camps, and urban ministry.  Full time, paid.  Based in Seattle.